Your Uniform Policy

NB: This is guidance from September 2021 and will become policy in September 2022


Our federation uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of our federation schools. We ask you to respect and support our policy and in doing so ensure that your child comes to school wearing the correct uniform and be of clean and tidy personal appearance.


At Aspire we have thought carefully about our school uniform and have chosen it to be comfortable and practical for primary aged children whilst also being affordable for families.


The hooded sweatshirt/ hooded jacket/ sweatshirt/cardigan is the only part of the school uniform that requires the school logo, which means that many other items can be purchased in supermarkets and children’s clothes shops, as well as the Brigade online shop.



Active uniform


Can be worn by all children all day every day, but must be worn on PE days.


  • Hooded sweatshirt or hooded jacket in school colour with Logo

  • Plain white tshirt or logoed white tshirt

  • Black jogging bottoms/ black sports leggings/ black shorts/ Black skort - all items can be bought with the logo

  • Black trainers or plimsols

  • Baseball cap in the school colour



    Traditional uniform


    Can be worn on days that the children do not have PE


  • Sweatshirt or cardigan in school colour with logo

  • White polo shirt/ logoed white polo shirt

  • Black trousers/ skirt/ pinafore/ black shorts

  • Summer only - checked dress in school colour

  • Black school shoes


    Book bags can be purchased in the school colour.


    Other Guidance


    Hats/Hair Coverings: Children may not wear hats, caps, handkerchiefs, bandanas, scarves, or other head coverings indoors at school. Exceptions can be made for religious and/or medical reasons


    . Hair: Hair should be neat, brushed and tied back if long –for both girls and boys. It should not have tramlines, dyed elements, Mohicans or similar.


    Piercings: Earrings if worn must only be small studs and either be removed by the child or left at home on PE days. Facial piercings are not permitted.


    Necklaces/Chains/Watches: Necklaces and chains are not permitted. Watches can be worn, but must be removed by the child for sporting activities.


    Hands/Nails/Make up: Children may not wear bracelets, armbands, or multiple rings. Nails should be free of any artificial enhancements (varnish, acrylic, silk wraps, press-ons, rhinestones, etc.) Make up is not permitted.